Abzolute Artistry

Abzolute Artistry


Microblading / Permanent Makeup

Microblading                   $400
Blade & Shade                 $450
Powder Brows                 $400
Ombr’e Powder Brows  $400
Permanent Eyeliner       $400
Lip Blush $500
Lip Blush gives you the appearance of tint on the lips without lipstick. You can wake up looking ready to go.

Initial Touch-up Perfecting session (booked 4-8 week) done by Nina $100
Periodic/Yearly Touch-up session done by Nina $200-$250

Tattoo Removal Services      $125
A+Ocean saline removal is a technique to remove undesired permanent makeup and small tattoos. Each session lasts 1-2 hours. Removals may require more than 1 session. A consultation is required. Please contact Nina

Emergency Removal Services
If you are dissatisified with your microblading, permanent makeup or small tattoo, it is possible to repair or lighten your pigment within 1-48 hours. Please text or call Nina @ 248-396-5484 ASAP!

Plasma Fibroblast
Non-invasive skin tightening, skin lifting and skin rejuvenating treatment.
A consultation is required before determining if this treatment is right for your skin condition and skin type.

Eyelash extensions

Xtreme lash extensions      $150
Classic lash extensions (Full Set)

Individual lash extensions are applied one at a time on your natural lashes giving you the appearance of fuller natural looking lashes without having to put on mascara.

It‘s waterproof , cry proof, smear proof so you can go swimming without the look of smeared eyes. You can maintain beautiful lashes every 2-3 weekts with fills.

Lash Fills
2 week fills     $65-$75
3 week fills     $75-$85

Dermaplaning      $75
Dermaplaning can take away the vellus hairs and exfoliate the skin giving you a beautiful glow.

Nina, an experienced and talented artist, having a background in cosmetology, permanent cosmetics, lash extensions and plasma fibroblast has spent more than 28 years helping her clients become more comfortable in their own skin. Even with that experience she continues to learn and keep up on new techniques. Nina is dedicated to making her clients feel comfortable and relaxed during their visits. Quality, safety, and hygiene are always guaranteed while at an appointment with Nina. Her attention to detail and meticulous nature cause her to strive for perfection in everything she does. Any of her clients will tell you that she ensures both you and her are satisfied with the outcome. She is also always available to contact if you have questions or concerns. Together, you can create beautiful brows, lips, and eyeliner that compliment your face and are customized just for you. Her goal is to ensure that her clients feel more comfortable, confident, and beautiful when they walk away from her appointments. Nina promises to always give you the look that you desire for yourself.